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Newest Release

With the majesty of Alaska as a backdrop, James

Cahall's third and most technical album reflects

the struggle to grow into life's ever-changing roles.

A daughter's birth, a renewed project, and a soulful voyage are poignantly expressed through his dream-like and joyful melodies.

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Download James’ albums “Uncharted”, “Coming Home” and “The Day Before Tomorrow” on iTunes or order the CDs online through CDBaby.com or Paypal.

James’ 3rd album “Uncharted” is now available for purchase!  Preview the tracks below.

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Just as you think the terrain is familiar, James'

music shifts and leads you to mountains you never knew existed.  As you listen, feel the cold  depths of a glacier paired

with the lightness of an Alaskan summer wind, and be open to follow an uncharted path through your own frontiers.

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