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Coming Home

The Day Before Tomorrow

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With the majesty of Alaska as a backdrop, James Cahall's third and most technical album reflects the struggle to grow into life's ever-changing roles. A daughter's birth, a renewed project, and a soulful voyage are poignantly expressed through his dream-like and joyful melodies.  Just as you think the terrain is familiar, James' music shifts and leads you to mountains you never knew existed.  As you listen, feel the cold depths of a glacier paired with the lightness of an Alaskan summer wind, and be open to follow an uncharted path through your own frontiers.

Showcasing his range as a pianist, James Cahall's sophomore album, "Coming Home," takes listeners on a breathtaking journey through the natural world. Each song urges self-searching, but always leads back to the happiness we derive from the unconditional love of those closest to us. From the rising of the tides to the ending of a season, James' varied collection brings life's many changes into perspective. For the world traveler or someone content to sit by the fireplace, this album will feel like you've truly come home

The triumphs and tribulations of early adulthood inspired New Age solo pianist James Cahall’s debut album, The Day Before Tomorrow, a collection of songs that surfaces our most poignant emotions. With soothing melodies for the mind, body, and soul, James created this album to bring forward hope and optimism from deep within the collective spirit. Store